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Why choose us?

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We have the complete setup to manufacture bolts and nuts in our factory, we also forge and machine our bolts and nuts in house in our own factory.

  •  In house forging.

  •  In house wire drawing.

  •  Thread rolling.

  •  Lathe Machines.

  •  Experienced professionals possessing extensive expertiese in their respective fields of work. 

  •  Dedicated workers.

  •  Exporting material all over India.

  •  Just in Time deliveries.

  •  Regular quality checks.

  •  TQM ( Total Quality Management ) philosphy is followed for continous Quality improvement of products.


Customer Feedback

We have been working with our customers since the beginning. We value our customer’s advices the most and believe that our customer’s feedback is a true mirror for us. We continuously work on the precious advices given by our customer’s to improve ourselves. We strive to provide our customers with the below services at all times:

  •  Genuine prices.

  •  High quality.

  •  Standardized packing.

  •  In time deliveries.

  •  Providing them with products that conform to industry standards.

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