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An industrial fastener comprises a very wide range of items like nuts and bolts, washers, step bolts, tapper bolts etc. Nuts and bolts consists a major link in the family of industrial fasteners and are used by every industry. Bolt is a piece of metal rod, whose one end is unsettled and the other end is threaded. Nut is the item, which rolls on these threads. Nut and bolts are available in various diameters and sizes.

The company manufactures a number of items like:

Hex bolt, M S bolt, Bolt nut, bolt
MS Nut, Hex Nut, Nut
Washer, Spring Washer
Foundation Bolt

Hex Bolt

At Shivam Industries, we manufacture cold forged hex bolts under our own brand name,SVM. These cold forged hex bolts come in a size range of 8mm to 20mm and are available in bright finish.

Hex Nut

Our main manufacturing forte is Nuts and bolts. We manufacture Hex Nuts ranging from 8mm to 20mm dia. We manufacture nuts in both Inches and mm dimensions. We manufacture 4.6 grade products.


A washer is a thin plate with a hole (typically in the middle) that is normally used to distribute the load of a threaded fastener or nut. Each size of nuts and bolts has a subsequent washer.

Foundation Bolt

Are ideally used to attach to various structures or objects, concrete. Foundation bolts usually are of J and L type. Foundation bolt consists of a threaded end to which a nut and washer are usually attached. 

Threaded rods, studs

Threaded Bars & Studs

Threaded bars, also know as studs, are long rods with threading on both the ends. Threded rods are available in various sizes.

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