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SVM Industries has the following infrastructure for Bolt Nut manufacturing and various other fasteners:

Bolt manufacturing machine

Bolt Forging Header

We at Shivam Industries have 6 automated bolt manufacturing machines which help us produce and maintain different sizes of bolts. 

Bolt trimming machine

Trimming Machines

Each Header comes with its subsequent set of automatic bolt trimming machine.

Bolt threading machine, Roll thread machine

Roll Threading

Best in class automatic Roll Threading helps us in producing the best quality bolts with the finest threading.

Nut manufacturing machine, Nut header

Nut Forming Headers 

From 3/4 to 8mm, all different sizes of nuts are forged in our plant. We have 5 nut manufacturing headers.

Nut tapping machine

Nut Tapping Machines

At Shivam Industries we have 12 sets of automatic Nut Tapping Machines.

nuts and bolts drawing machine

Wire Drawing Machines & Draw Benches

Lathe machine

Lathe Machines

Having the best Lathe Machines helps us in preparing finest and most accurate tools which in turn helps us in producing standard size bolts and nuts

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